This is what I believe — my manifesto; my philosophy. Truth:

You are loved.

You are beautiful.

You are perfect in every way, just as you are.

Whoever you think you are or aren't, whatever you think you've done or left undone, YOU are good and worthy.

And you are not alone.

What else?

Being you is healing.
*Love, not change*
It's really, really important to feel good.
*This, too*
We are all made in the image and likeness of God.
*Follow your bliss*
Fear is the root of all stagnancy and stuckness.
*You have all the answers*
Your purpose is to be your highest and best self, and you do this by wanting what you want, needing what you need and loving what you love.
*Love all the parts of yourself*
You are worthy of love simply because you exist.